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Minibus Scams

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Minibus Scams
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Minibus Scams

BE Careful of the Minibus Scams from Lao Cai to Sapa!!!

The official price for a shuttle bus from Lao Cai train station to Sapa town is US$3 (about 60.000 VND). But there is some cheating at Lao Cai train station that some guys try to see your travel voucher, then they say, they are looking for you, invite you to their bus, then force you to pay at $50 for a seat on the bus to Sapa.

If you have package tour and paid for that already, these people will tell you to pay now and you will get refund from the hotel or a tour company - This is not true.

If you book a tour or the transfer with Sapa Travel or Legend Hotel, please do not pay for anybody here, and be aware of this problem by getting to the exit of Lao Cai train station after you train arrive, finding the right name sign as the following form:

 The sign to collect Legend Hotel’s Guest at the exit of Lao Cai train station

Minibus Scams - Legend Hotel